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Strategy in Action



Dentsu Aegis Network- International Content Compass 

If I could give a prize to the most-used word of 2015, it would be CONTENT. Everyone knows it's important, but few seem to really know what it is, where it should live, and how to leverage it to get to the mutually beneficial middle ground between what you need to say and what your consumers care about. 


The global content compass was a comprehensive research project and content Strategy that looked at current brand position, consumer sentiment and gap analysis in each strategy market, and developed a set of tools to help define the brand persona, determine content territories for the brand to play in, and standardize and optimize content development globally. 


As a crucial member of the Storylab Content Compass team, I was responsible for holding stakeholder interviews,conducting and synthesizing research, crafting each component, stress-testing with senior leadership, and presenting to the global client team for use in all key strategy markets. 

Omnicom's Emerging Stars Program 


Emerging Stars brings together top talent, from across the Omnicom network, exposes them to the range of disciplines within the network, and gives them the experience of working on an integrated team. Each team is given a “live” integrated marketing brief from one of Omnicom’s largest clients. It culminates in a competitive pitch in front of selected Omnicom Agency CEOs and a senior representative from the Client involved in the brief.


In October of 2014, I was selected to represent Organic at this conference and was able to participate in a pitch for Olay Daily Facials. This involved extensive research, journey mapping, consumer persona development, creative ideation, and storytelling on a very aggressive timeline. 


The result? First place. And some invaluable new business experience. 




Medtronic is the largest Medical Device manufacturer in the world, and Diabetes is their most profitable (and only consumer-facing) business unit. Their product was insulin pumps--- mostly for type 1 Diabetics. But as you may have guessed, this product changes lives. Making the decision to purchase is not an easy one, and Medtronic needed a way to communicate with their potential consumers in a direct, personalized, and meaningful way. Enter the concept of lead nurturing-- an email-based program designed to deliver helpful and personalized messaging to the most qualified consumers. The right content, in the right way, at the right point in their journey. 


As it was Medtronic's first-ever Lead Nurture Program, it involved extensive research on consumer needs, relationship development, and how lead nurturing could affect and enhance the consumer journey. It also involved quite a bit of legwork to gain approval from senior management and implement. 


I worked to create program objectives and strategy for content and messaging, and then worked directly with creative agencies to develop content and execute. The result was an enormous lift in conversion rate.

See3 Communications Support
As a Marketing Associate at See3 in 2013, I contributed in several different areas to support several nonprofit organizations and social causes. This involved extensive research on marketing best practices in the nonprofit world as well as digital and social platform management.
And as is the case with most small agencies, it also involved the occasional acting role. The video to the right describes the benefits of utilizing the YouTube Nonprofit Program, while showcasing the videography abilities of See3 as an agency. 
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