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The word "insight" gets thrown around a lot. But what exactly does that word mean? And how do we use them to add to our business? There are several different definitions, but knowing how to understand yours is the first step in activating insights towards business impact. 

CRM is another term that gets over and occasionally misused. Some people think it means emails and pamphlets. Other believe it's every touchpoint that happens on any channel at any time. And while the second is closer, it's a little more complex than that. 

Technology has come to permeate almost every aspect of our lives. But once we accept a ‘new’ technology, it changes our expectations of the world, our relationship with brands and products, and even our behavior.


Millennial Moms are Using their Smartphone Smart than You

Millennials often get a bad rap for being sucked into technology at all hours of the day. But perhaps the digital behaviors of Millennial Moms are smarter than you'd think. 

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